Tomorrow Land

I saw the Disney movie "Tomorrow Land".
It was full of remarkable and powerful images as I had expected, moreover, it was very delightful because of its positve view of the world, characteristic of America.

"Tomorrow" means tomorrow of humans, i.e., the future.
Today, we are in an ultimate development of human civilization, after the industial revolution, with the burst of computer and internet.

As we are spellbound to the wonder, we should be caught by a disquiet that this might be an end stage.
We are to have the day human history completes, when resources are dryed up and the earth is exhausted in some day?

When I was young, apocalyptic stories of the earth seemed dreamy.
Like a science fiction story in which humans can live only in huge domes protected from outer devastation,
Armageddon when nucleor bombs destroy metropolises,
pollutions deprive humans of vital powers to live and bear,
and a spectacle just a few people survive a climate in crises.

All right,
Environmental pollution will not be critically spread beyond industrial areas or big cities.
The world leaders must be wise enough not to push the button to launch nuclear war.
The run out time of finite earth resources would far in the future.
We thought so in the past century.

Then time passed, the situation changed.
Meanwhile "the Silent Spring" warned the harm of pesticides,
"Our Stolen Future" chemicals as environmental hormones,
and a Japanese book "Compound polltion" by Sawako Ariyoshi environmental polltions.
Now our daily living works themselves retain somowhat destroying this world every day.

We cannot live without inhaling the air for as much as a second.
However, now the air contain many contaminating particulate matters.
Even though browny air and red river like in China, we humans can not stop our daily works.

The temparature on the earth growing steadily.
Although in damaging abnormally hot days, we must work as usual.

For all that,

we have hopes still !
Disney says so.
That's the way we have to go ahead.


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