Thinking for the causes of AD

To our sorrow, many diseases have not been solved yet.
There have not been consistent solutions of AD, too.
Physicians struggle within the confusion.
Patients also have to make efforts in that.

Everybody says, "This must be the main cause of AD ! "
And then he/she try to treat AD according to the theory, including me.
However, we cannot know whether it is truly reliable or not until later ages.
Each of them is just an opinion, or a hypothesis that has not been proven for the time of being.

Authorities never approve unproven ones, but I doubt such attitudes.
As man is a thinking reed, we cannot help deeply thinking about things we fight in desperation, so it shows our reliable nature to make sufficient efforts with motivations and passions.

If they are ideas reached through hard distress of incurable diseases, they may be able to point out some part of the truth.
Though they should not provide the whole vision of the disease, but only limited aspects.
Therefore different theories can stand in rows at the same time.

So, have a comprehensive view.
Then we can have better sight where treatments we presently have are placed among the whole, what meaning they have and what effects we can anticipate by them.
That will keep us calm, avoiding troubles from excessive expectations, or its rebound depression.

Good luck for your health in the coming year !
I appreciate your access here.


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