[Summer time/Daylight Saving time plan against Hot Tokyo Olympic 2020]


Itfs too hot this summer in Japan, in Tokyo and in a lot of places all over the world.
In these late August days, itfs still so hot.
Will that be okey the next 2020 Summer Olympic is held in this hot Tokyo?
People worry about it for us Japanese from all over the world.
Itfs really make sense.

Some executive authorities of Tokyo Olympic, including Japanese government, claim an idea of inducing summer time 2 hours shift against the hot weather.
The summer time is always a magic stick for them.
Although it failed when it was induced in Japan after the World War II, the government repeatedly want to revive it to solve various political affairs, like a stagnation of the economy, an insufficiency of electric energy sources or an unpopularity of a current government.
They must rely on a magic because they lack the policy.
They donft know they just cause black looks from their own nation.

We Japanese publics cannot understand why they are so inconsiderate and never learn the difficulty to stagger the national clock in this era of Information Technology.
Also, there has been revealed summer time may cause various health disorders due to failing adequate adaptation of human bodies to a newer situation, which include heart attacks, insomnia, drowsiness, increasing traffic accidents, decreasing work efficacy, overworking, fatigue, overeating, obesity, and so on.
As Russia recently gave up, the world trend rather seems to consider looking back and withdraw the system.

As for Japan, it was introduced once, after the World War II by the occupation army, but lasted only for two years.
The main reason of the abolition was a thoroughly diligent nature of Japanese people, which has not been changed until now at all.
When getting an extra daytime, we Japanese cannot rest, relax or sleep, but work for the entire extra times instead.

As the name gDaylight Savingh indicate, summer time originally devised to secure least sunlights through a year for a proper human physiological activity at those districts of the higher latitude.
So for this purpose, it is not needed from the beginning for our Japan, which is in the middle latitude.
On the contrary, it impose us to go to bed very soon after the sun sink, which would result in an opposite system against the physiology of modern human life.
Indeed, forceful alternations of internal clocks twice a year will be a great burden for our bodyfs physiology.
One hour alternation can make us sick, nevertheless, the Japanese authorities plan to shift the clock two hours earlier in summer; that is definitely unreasonable.
They are too indifferent to their peoplefs suffering!

They ofter advertise eagerly saying, summer time will upgrade our leisure time and enhance the national economy.
However, all those merits are arisen from unnaturally lengthened daytimes, meaning just to have stolen some future ones.
The only consequence should be a ruin.

In this way, we cannot find any merit in introducing summer time into Japan.
The only excuse they complain is a countermeasure against the extreme heat of the upcoming Tokyo Summer Olympic, near at hand within 2 years,
They say if the clock is set two hours earlier, while the Tokyo Olympic is held, the marathon race, which must be done out under the sun, could be performed in cooler early morning.
But how about other outdoor sports that might be scheduled in the afternoon? It will be hotter then.
Even if we focus just as to the Olympic, we must say the idea is too haphazard.

Recent severe global warming makes summer sports dangerous.
Risks of heatstroke increase more and more reaching a critical level.
We, Japanese people, and of course people all over the world should make all efforts for a safer Olympic, except such tricky easy measure.

Every possible measures should be tried to minimum the risk of heat disorders.
Newly developed road surfacing, cooling by sprinkler, supplying cool water or ice packs and early starting of outdoor sportsc.different ideas are tested one by one.
Such front-loaded executions may require not a little incidental extremely early traffic runs.
Maybe Japanese are good at such detailed correspondence that fairly suitable adjustments would be realizable.

Any ideas from anywhere of the world will be welcome.
These unusual climates are not the issue for Japan alone, but for the entire earth.
Every human is responsiible for todayfs global warming.
Please help us Japanese to accomplish the big event.

This is a great challenge world athletes gather in a fierce summer and compete to the best of their abilities without defeated by high temperatures.
Nobody knows until when we can continue to do so, but the 2020 will surely be an important model case for subsequent future olympics.
We should be wise as much as we can.

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