melancholy of AD recruits

In spring, the start season of a new business year in Japan, we see many recruits in town.

I see them walk in a group.
I wonder whether they are going to the entrance ceremony, or to their first training course.

This year, terrible worldwide economic recession is making business very hard.
The recruits must be happy because they could narrowly get the job, but anxious at the same time if their company goes bad so that it cannot earn them long.

Every one of them wear similar black suits and white shirts.
Their shoes and bags are also plain black.

The thoroughly black group looks even strange.
But I know they have no other choice.
They have to show them to their company as neatly-dressed persons to secure their jobs.

I think "black" may reflect this age of dark economy.
Even deep blue or gray might be too bright enough to look recruits flippant.

This trend of black suits would be troublesome for atopic dermatitis (AD) patients.

Head, face and neck eczema should accompany scales fallen onto the soulders.
The scales fall everyday, all day long, even soon after they cleaned their hairs or faces.
White scales on black cloths are quite noticeable which empasize unseemly look of AD skin.

Redness of face due to AD is another problem.
AD patients always have to worry what impression they give when they meet new persons in entrance exam of companies, in their new office and in their new work.
Why is my face so ugly unlike any one I meet?
They could't help feeling miserable.

Exudate from eczema is a further threat.
Clear collars of new white shirts will stain yellowish by such exudate, which may even cause original odd smell.
Naturally it's quite embarrasing for them to imagine someone may notice the change.

Blood from scratched skin also stain white shirt red to brown.

A necktie on a Y-shirt is indeed a strict style.
You must fully button up your shirt to look yourself neat.
Tight collars may scrabble AD paients' sensitive neck skin, and moreover, they prevent them scratching itchy necks because they cannot put their fingers into the narrow spaces between the collars and the necks.

Thus most AD patients have every reason to be quite bad at wearing tidy.
Tidy styles might seem to emphasize their rough skin.

In conclusion, AD patients have less advantage in their looks.

I myself could barely have avoid such formalities until now.
But most young people who wish to be white-collar workers must obey the custom.
I deeply have compassion on them.

They have no other way but holding on.
Put up a good fight, recruits.
Please don't give up.

You'll find your dreams throughout these struggles.
Valuable social lives must wait you.
Don't fail to reaching out there.

Maybe more problems will wait for you as well when you start to work.
You may have to keep up with your collegues drink until midnight even if your face easily flush or your skin run dry the following day.
You may have to manage lots of chores like cleaning, washing or conveying which are severe for your weak hand skin.

It's usual that the society is not always understandable to individuals.
Of course we should try to change the society better, but at the same time, we must be strong enough to endure the present situation.

I hope you recruits bare the trials and get your fruits.
Whispering cheers for them in my heart, I see their black-suits off.


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