Old AD Patients Are Increasing

Recent Japanese research revealed increasing numbers of Atopic Dermatitis(AD) patients in middle and old age.
(Patients Survey 1999 & 2011 by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

Compared the result of 2011 with that of 2011, nearly three and a half times as many as AD patients visit hospitals in their age of forties, fifties and sixties.
Patients in their thirties are also increasing.

About thirty years ago, doctors used to say,
"Don't worry, AD is a naturally outgrowing disease.
You just need to control your symptoms until then."
We cannot rely on this peaceful theory any more!

Why did AD turned to be more incurable so?B
Several factors may be related such as

1)Congenital factors may have increased.
2)Physical and psychological stress have increased.
3)Environmental allergen have increased.
4)Disrupting factors have increased.
5)Our bodies hold less power.
6)Effects of therapeutic medicines may have concern.

1) Current medical fashion emphasize weakened skin barrier of AD patients related to filaggrin gene mutation.
They say substances penetrate weak barrier more easily building up a new allergy. So they recommend applying abundant moisturizer to strengthen skin barrier.

Nevertheless, some AD patients show tremendous allergic reactions from the very beginning of their lives and most AD patients need topical corticosteroids or tacrolimus to soothe preexisting skin inflammation due to allergic reactions even if they eagerly protect their skin by continuous moisturizing.

Since the records of sensitized allergens last all life long, those informations might be heritable to their descendants.
Allergic tendencies are also known to be hereditary such as to make more IgE antibodies.

Both dermal and allergic constitutions are succeeded as amplifying.

2) Experiments on animals showed reduced skin barriers under stressed conditions.
Today's advanced society imposes us not only widened delights but also quite a few stresses.

3) Multiple products are produced daily based on enormous industrial progress.
Newly made foods, materials, chemicals and electromagnetic products are continuously added as candidates of another allergen.

4) Even if those things do not exert allergic reactions, they may act toxic in our bodies.
Heavy metals, additive chemicals and environmental hormones are good examples.
Allergens also impair our bodies though they were originally harmless.

5) In this high-civilized society, we live less natural.
Ideal simple lives with regular sleep cycles, balanced meals and proper exercises are very difficult to be achieved today.
Unnatural lifestyles confuse our autonomic nerves, endocrine activities and immune competences resulting in decreased abilities for contending with crises.

And, authorized dermatologists and allergists never admit 6).
But strong chemical effects of those antiinflammatory and/or immunosuppressant medicines must definitely have negative aspects, too. Like red skin syndrome, as you know.
Too much dose of moisturizer also may do harm through irritation, allergy or causing dermal malfunction.

In this way, we have to consider multiple factors to contribute the deterioration of today's AD.
Therefore, our countermeasures should also be from various angles.

Don't be discouraged if a single strategy seems not to be effective to your current AD symptoms.
Such occurrence is very common today.

Your struggles are never in vain because they should reduce some of your worsening factors, even if you cannot see an obvious effect now.
Keep on trying and someday your many-sided efforts will bear fruit.

I am presently working as an dermatologist as well as an alternative medicine therapist to help those difficult AD patients in above 1) aspect, which has traditionary been cureless, by Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques(NAET) practice.

We must live accepting these given bodies in this our world.
The world forces us torments of AD, but it benefits us lots of other pleasures, too.

Do the best you can, leaving your fate to Heaven.
Surely, your life will be a good one.


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