Medicine or Poison?

When I was young as a medical student, I saw a woman who appealed to pessersby everyday saying,
"Drugs are all poisons! Do you know it?"

I suppose she had had a nightmare by an adverse effect of some medicine.
Anyway, her message remained in my memory.

I was studying hard then to be a good physician who can manage medicines to help lots of my future patients.
I passed by her everyday impressed there were various ways of looking of things.

Drugs are originally aliens to our bodies.
Especially, most drug of modern medicine are strong homogeneous materials which are made to aim at one special effect.
Only one tablet is enough to change our inner world dramatically.

When it is a preferable effect for us, we call it to be a medicine, and when it's not, we call it to be a poison.
That means the difference just depends on our opinions.
Drugs act their involved behavior anyhow.

Then, isn't it apt that "Drugs are i.e., poisons."?
Medicines and poisons are heads and tails of a coin.

Whether you like or not, we live in civilized modern society with abundant artificial drugs.
So we will not to be permitted to live same as ancient peoples surrounded only by non-purified natural products.

Maybe, we sometimes need a poison to conquer our current harm.

Slow life is difficult for us; we always are hurried to come back into another fight as quickly as we can even if we got sick and need certain rests.

I think we should accept it,
and should aware of the fact that "Now I'm managing my difficulties by the poison as to be a medicine."

Don't dream any instant, effective, perfectly safe, easy, inexpensive and curative drug.
There never be such an willful thing.

Every drug, every remedy must have its good and evil, because we live in the human world, not an utopia.

Live practically, live real.
Then you surely can find some good things in this real world.


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