Don't require "Radical Cure" easily

Just like a surgeon who remove all ill regions in one operation,
Or a general practitioner who know and resolve all difficult diseases,
Ideal physicians in everybody's dreams are always perfect.
How nice could we say good-bye to our diseases at once !

There was a impressive story in "Black Jack" by Osamu Tezuka.
A doctor declared he can cure a patient in a great ill immediately.
Another doctor opposed that it is dangerous for the patient.
The first doctor did treat the patient, who got an amazing rapid cure.
But soon the patient fell into a definitely uncontrollable condition to be dead.

It's hazardous to treat patients in a narrow vision to see only limited part of the body.
Doctors should grasp all of the disease image, entire body and whole person.

To be regrettable, doctors are not magicians.
They treat patients which may result in not only good progress, but also unexpected ill affections.
They accept the responsibility for the expected best results.

Even unpregferable illness or constitution consist parts of the person.
They might be inseparable from him/her.
The diseases may have some strong affinity to the constitution.
It originally never be easy to cut out without any trouble.

I think any treatments requires certain resolutions to do that.
Both doctors and patients must be ready.
It's really natural radical cure demand long, long time.

I think it should not be difficult to understand.
However, people would like to anticipate miraculous immediate cure,
getting rid of just ill parts right away.

But as diseases last long including genetic heritage,
plenty of aggravating factors overlap to be complicated, making the diseases difficult to cure.
Healing process would trace the reverse way of the past disease progress.
Then, it should take time as long as it came here.

The NAET treatment I practice now
is a methods which can go back the disease process.
One's body is reset not to response to his/her allergen.
Indeed, that will be preferable.

So of course, it'll not be easy.
To remake the body which can get along with former allergens,
numerous treatment sessions from various aspects are needed.
Because human bodies are super-complicated system,
and allergens themselves are not simple, too, consisted of various components.

NAET changed one of my friend who had deeply diseased
to a handsome woman with sharp eyes after over 900 NAET treatment sessions.
I myself has been treated my severe atopic dermatitis since 2006 on and on,
and got a fairly good-looking, strong body.

I have not become a perfect body yet.
Yeah, every human being won't reach complete perfection in this life.
However, we doctors make endless efforts to the perfection
and intend to heal sick people as much as possible with the still incomplete mind and body.

There will be different ways to improve illness.
Removing affected regions, controlling activities inside bodies,
and taking good care,
by improving lifestyles in foods, exercises and so on.
Promoting spontaneous healing by various means
and reducing mental stress....

I think any means will be OK.
There won't an almighty prescription for everybody.
Perhaps a tip is to be calm and patient.
Hurrying is not a good option in chronic diseases.

You may not give up forever.
There'll be a chance as long as your life last.
Patients are going ahead by their efforts even if in roundabout or maze.
Keep on and on to the future.

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