Back to Normal Skin Color   

As time went by, my skin was continuously improving to less thick, less rough one with less shallow holds.

My neck still looked brownish and wrinkled.
My back of hands were swelling, coarse-textured, whitely scaled and sometimed reddish.
But they already were not so bad as to make others who see me revolted at.

However, whenever I undressed cloths to take a bath, my whole body skin was still too ugly and painful, so I hated to look at it hurrying into the bathroom.

In the bathwater, most of my skin except my legs' no more didn't turn into purpulish-red.
Normal skin tone was gradually but certainly overwhelming with residual brownish tone.

The most outstanding change I noticed was the sense when I touched my skin.
It had always been hard and gritty.
But now for the first time after the aggravation, I could feel a comfortable soft and moist sense.

That was really astonishing and delighting.
Even if the surface looked dry, my skin definitely was catching up its original essence in its deep nature.

Concerning when I got up from daily nap, I seldom met big itch any more.

I had smaller chances of itching spell in the daytime, about 1-2 times a day.
Usually, it was when I felt hungry before dinner.
It lasted less than before, didn't continue 20-30 minites long.

Itchy skin areas looked scaly and when I scratch, white scales fell down like powder snow.

However that may be, the snow flake was also getting smaller to about 1mm in diameter.

Night time was for itch as ever with multiple pea-sized wheals.
I awoke at least 3 times a night to scratch like mad for 20-30 minutes.

Lower buttocks were the most affected areas which I scratched like digging, so the next day I had to walk with my rear stuck out because of pain.
For some reason or other, with itch I often felt a desire for urination.
since I had to get up for lavatory several times a night, I could never have a deep sleep more than 3 hours durations.

Time for rest was time for tiredness for me.
It was quite ironic.

So I needed naps definitely.
I could not graduate from the extraordinary daily cycle balancing night shortage of sleep by daytime nap.

In April, at the beginning of the next new year of the chiropractic school, I decided to commute it more often; 4 times a week.
I could not help worrying whether I had a sufficent power to accomplish it, but I knew one of the class was scheduled finishing in 6 months.
It was temporal. This had to be a chance.
I said to myself I would be able to do that.

The result was, I could.
But the while in June, I fell in bad health.
A trigger was the early summer air conditionig cool winds in the classroom which cooled my body so much.

In fact, since I had begun to go to the school, tachyuria had began to annoy me not only at night but also in the daytime.
I had to go lavatory when I got up in the morning, when I leave my house, when I arrived at the station, when I reached the school and everytime between the class.
Coldness worsened it.

I thought about the mechanism why the urge for urination occurred.
Daring to move soon after I left bed causing my irritable skin so itchy stinging sensation might lead to sending some somato-viceral responsible stimulation to the bladder motor nerve.
The thinking "I must get up on time, I must go to school !" might be repeated mental strain giving additional stress to my body .

The book "Krankheit als Weg" by T. Dethlefsen & R. Dahlke, mentioned about mental connotation of illness, said that urination was an act to release your heart.
My bladder eagerly tried to release the stress of itching and mental strain, didn't it?

I tended to take less water uncontiously because I was worried to have a desire for urination while I couldn't go out in the class.
And the hard schedule for me and the coldness... ended up a ailment of cystitis.

One night I felt unbearable irritating sense in my urethra, which made me a decision to accept some medical assistance anyway.
It had been after a long 7.5 years when I went to hospital to gain a medication for myself, not for others (my father, mother or my child), since I went to the doctor of oriental medicine for my AD.

As I could not endure the irritable sense, I started taking antibiotics immediately from the night.
I didn't know whether it relied on that, bacterial culture of my urine taken in pospital the next day performed no growth.
But leukocytic and erythrocytic precipitations in my urine indicated bladder inflammation.

In case of bacterial cystitis, patients were instructed not to quit or reduce taking the antibiotics early to avoid inducing tolerant bacteria which may cause serious renal infection.
After I finished whole 1 week antibiotics prescription and the doctor judged my urine was clear, he permitted me to end the treatment.

However, this was not the end, but the beginning.

As I knew, antibiotics could kill intestinal resident bacterias, as well as urinal infectious ones.
When my body condition had been at the bottom, only 2 days' intake of antibiotics (when I had a skin infection) had caused me diarrhea.
So this time I had a precaution to take intestinal regurating bacillus with antibiotics.

Successfully no diarrhea came, I thought. But what? Something was wrong.
I seldom went to excrete feces.
Oh, I surely didn't have diarrhea, but had a constipation.

Since the nature of the large intestine is to absorb water from food residences in it, the longer they stay, the solider and harder stools should be.
Hard feces would be difficult to be excreted.
They were left on and on and expanded in my large intestine, so that just a bit of tip of them could pass through the anal aperture.

What a constipation it was.
Excretion was tiny for over a month and a half!
I was afraid if my intestine would be overburdened and ruptured.
Nevertheless, I felt little oppressing or distended feeling in my abdomen.
I wonder how the large intestine was flaccid.

Parhaps regular peristaltic motions of my intestine had already been largely deficient by now due to irritated bowel syndrome.
The additional attack of antibiotics exterminated normal intestinal flora and gave a complete damage to my intestinal excreting function.

Not knowing how to cope with the situation, I tried a home medicine for intestinal disorder as wall as the medical prescription (already taking prescribed streptococcus faecalis).
Due to less restricted approval and more rigid competition, home medicines tended to take in new things earlier.
So I had been feeling that an astonishing evolution might sometimes be seen in them.

I found a yummy nutritional supplement containing lactobacillus, oligosaccharide, enzymes and carcium.
Yeah, the mixture of almost every substances good for intestinal health!
I started to take it every day.

Nevertheless, hard stuck stools did not come out.
I even used an enema in vain.

Reopening was performed while a 2 days-trip to a seaside local area in summer vacation.

After I went to a beach with my daughter, somehow I felt so hungry that I ate much more than usual.
When I finished the lunch with delicious watermelon and took a walk, I felt the lost peristaltic motion of the intestine back in my belly.
Excretion occurred on the next day.

Air, sun, seawind... countryside natures gave me back the original natural bowel movement.

This was the first memorable trip for me since I fell into deep illess.

The tour was put into practice by my senior dermatologist's generous invitation.
Despite my deep waver, he prompted me calmly to try.
Moreover he accepted my selfish require that I definitely needed to take a bath in the morning and get rest for at least 1 hour in bed.
I thanked him so much.

As a result, I didn't experience any unconfortable allergic symptoms during the trip.

(One possible allergen I had feared was incenses against mosquites, because I had felt oral numbness smelling the smoke in the preveous summer.
The allergen I had responded might not have been pyrethrum itself, but some additional chemical.

The second possible allergen was cat danders, because he had two cats in his house.
While I used to have visited a girl friend's house with cats, I had started to respond to cat with frequent sneeze about 12 years before.
Why didn't I respond similarly at that time?
Because his cat was castrated and less hormonal?
Or 12 years' avoidance gave me the tolerance?
Although my blood had positive IgE to cat dander.)

It was a wonderful trip.
Of course I was worn out for a few days, but nevertheless my skin expressed improvement instead of aggravating.
I actually knew the power of nature was really great!

Then, here came the annual november when my skin always got worse.

I felt my skin drier more than past years.
The hygrometer already indicated a bottom value of 30%.
(My district was dry and windy in winter.)

I started to use humidifier earlier than useal winter.

And another lucky charm for me in this hard seadon was, avocado.
Since I heard avocado contained much oil, vitamin B, C, A, E and scwaran and valuable to keep skin moist, it became my custom I ate avocade when my skin was dry.

I ate 1/2 of a whole, 1-2 times a week.
Sometimes appealing good effects of a food were with a recommend to take it as much as we could, but I didn' t think so.
The better way for good heath would be to take a variety of foods with every little amount of each, to take in various good substances but little halmful ones.

Today, when we ate something, not only the foods themselves, but also other additional contained materials, such as agricultural chemicals, manufacturing pollutants and processing fravors, might influence us.
We should know eating and drinking always means bringing bad with good into our bodies.

Concerning foods, another risk was taking one particular food intensively and continuously, building up a new sensitization to it, especially in people who have allergic predispositions.

We Japanese should not forget that avocados were recently imported, nontraditional food for us, so our bodies including digestive systems were not familiar to them.
I had to add avocados were a femous allergen of oral allergy syndrome.

About my irritated bowel syndrome.
As winter came, my daily life activity went down leading to slower metabolism.
Again, my constipation silently progressed.

Though I tried to go out and walk more frequently than last winter and I kept taking lactobacillus medication, the constipation did not healed.

One day in December, after strongly fibrous diets (soybean fiber, burdock and butterbur last night, vegetable sandwiches today), I went to lavatory.
However, nevertheless nature called much, nothing came out from my anus while I tensed my abdominal musckles.

Why? Because accumulated feces had already make a quite mass, too big to go through the anal tube!
It took 2-3 torments to dispose them.
I was embarrassed to say this, I had to put my finger into the rectum to crush the feces out as a nurse did.

After that, my bowel condition was soso in the winter, luckily.

My skin was always fairly dry in that winter.

I always put my hand into my cloths very often to calm down the stinging hips and to scratch the back in my house.

However, I could go out even in the morning unlike recent several winters.
Feeling an underlying strength of my skin, I chuckled to myself.

In February, there was an enormously shocking event for me.

Frequent urination deteriorated devastatingly.
Emotional stressor could bring me such a considerable effect.
Sadness and grief defeated me so that I felt restless all the time.
Soon after I finished urination, I felt another need.

I went to see a urologist again.
He calmed down me by his composed manner.
My irritaing symptoms reduced by his oriental medicine prescription and certain time passage.

As I visited hospital, I could receive a blood test for allergy after those several years.
The result were,
Total IgE:3200 IU/ml (normal counts;170 or less), eosinocytes ratio in leucocytes:10.6% (0.0-8.0), LDH reflecting dermal cells exchange:270 IU/l (120-240)

Compared with the last counts of each; 20120、25.5、741 (Then I had quitted blood check because I could not have beared to see the rageful increasing of the counts.), these results proved obious recovery.
They were as equal as times when I had lived normally before the explosion of AD symptoms.

(Seeing the data, my doctor said "You are quite allergic!".
But he never knew my previous conditions.
I rather felt just like I was getting back to normal level.)

The level had seemed to me an unfullfilled (for life long?) but desired one.
I was proud of myself.

Very severe atopic dermatitis like me could be recoverd to those level.
With no steroids and no other immunosuppressive medicines (such as taclorimus)!

This was really a marvelous materialization.

And then, could more improvement be realized?
I was looking forward to the day my normal level would synchronize everybody's normal.

I was no longer a Cinderella (or an Ultraman?) who might lose skin energy within limited short time before going back home.
I could made a few long trips now.

Finally I could ride a Shinkansen to Osaka for 3 hours in February, after a blank of 10 years.
And in March, I made a 4 days-trip staying at a hotel.

Throughout the visits I took baths in my hotel room, as communal baths were still hard for me.
After the morning bathing, I needed 1 hour rest in bed before going breakfast.
In the night, I went to bet early every night.

In othe way, I got up in the morning and acted normally through the trips.
Although I fairly got tired and felt sleepy when I came home, I could supply needed rest within a few days.

Two other major therapeutic events occurred to me in this March.

As I wrote, I had been seeing a chiropractic doctor for 5 years.
The chiropractic fate led me to other 2 therapeutic methods; "harmonic" and "Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Thechnic (NAET)".

A harmonic therapist pointed out that I had adreal inflammation.
NAET practitioners diagnosed that I had allergy to multiple nutrients such as wheats, sugars, eggs, calciums and vitamins (I thought they were checking latent allergies).

Both were thechnics related chiropractic focusing energy balance in our bodies.
Their diagnostic media were muscle tests such as O-ring tests.
This test seemed to be a very powerful and valuable tool in the world of manual therapy.

The muscle test was not easy.
We needed certain professional knowledge and training to use it accurately.

Most doctors would not admit these kind of tests because they were not scientific, but I didn't think so.
Within human medical problems, there were still a wide range of areas scientific tests could not reveal the truth.

Actually, the only accurate measure to determine the culprit of an allergy was still proboking the same adverse reaction once more by readministration.

Even though our wise science could not identify the particular allergen, there should be certain causal materials.
Then, I thought there would be a measure to reach the cause somewhere in this world.

Only most of us just never knew the measure yet.
Our knowledges were really limited, weren't they?
Nevertheless, we often might be too conceited as being the most wise specie on the earth, then wanted to deny anything we could not understand.

If there was a valuable means to detect causes or conditions of a disease, I thought we should be willing to use it, even though we couldn't explain the mechanism.
Muscle test would be one of such means.

In fact, they were achieving some good outcomes relying on the test.
Indeed, their diagnoses about me were really acceptable for me, too.

Adrenal cortex problem might directly led to my whole allergy or less power.
Multiple severe allergy could cause various ill health.
They were clear answers why I had been so weak and feel bad all the time.

I had been tormented the inferiority for a long, long time, repeatedly asking to myself,
"Why can't I always act full unlike other persons easily do?"

And then actually, my body condition improved after their treatments to me.

About my irritated bowel syndrome, distending bowel pain was somewhat released.
I didn't need daily lactbacillus medication and the regular oriental medicine against frequent urination, too, any more.
Since my body became more powerful, I rarely felt a hard general fatigue provided taking a good sleep.

Most of all, my skin condition was also improved.

For example, now I could sometimes forget about itch or pain.
Lichenificated wrinkle got obiously shallower and red swelling was relieved.
As my dorsal sides of hands were no longer apparent to be sick, I could willingly expose them.
My whole body skin changed somewhat bearable to see when I put off my cloths for bathing.

I was very interested in those methods.
But unfortunately, schooling schedules of harmonic did not fit me.
I was going to study NAET continuously.

Finally a chance visited me.
The urologist invited me to his hospital for part-time job once a week as a dermatologist.

Return to the society at last!

However, I had a worry.
Due to part-time job, I would administer patients in collaboration with a few other dermatologists there.
That meant I should behave similarly as my colleagues; I had to do "standard" allopathic therapy fot AD patients with steroids and tacrolimus.

I felt I was to go for wool and come home shorn.
Would I be co-opted into their influence of standard AD therapy...?

For all that, I thought I should start.

First, I had to get back my dermatologic sense which should have gotten a bit rusty.
Then I had to make my body adopt to the new life cycle and recover more.

Someday I should have my own clinic, but not now.
There was no other way except going step by step.

However, simutaneously I would keep a chance of chiropractic practice in another day of a week.

At the end of this chapter, I was willing to refer to my dauter.

She grew up to the age of 12, going to enter junior high school.

Her AD was fairly good.
The only apparent residual lesions are back of her knees.
Exanthemas on the opposite sides of the elbows and the areas over her claviculas were not obious.
Although she sometimes complainted itch on her upper eyelids, no eruption were on her face.

Compared with her photographs before 10-year-old, her face outlines were completely different, as to be sharp and handsome with clear-cut fetures.
I really felt atopic dermatitis forced to change one's face.

She still felt itch like at bedtimes, but not much.
Though she sometimes looked itchy at midnight, she wouldn't wake up then.
That was quite good progress even she became busy as she grew up to a senior elemetary school student.

However, growing up on the other hand means independency.
She could buy sweet confectioneries by herself now.

Her allergic rhinitis deteriorated as always with lots of winter sweet gifts.

Besides, as there were many ceder trees aroud her junior high school, she felt more hay fever symptoms after she went there a few times in February.

And the school would keep students until 6 o'clock to study hard, moreover she took 1.5 hours to go there by train and bus every day.
As she would come home late regularly, we should take deep care of ourselves.

・・Eleven years and eight months have passed since the aggravation.

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