[A Miracle Drug]

When I was a medical student, the exceptionally numerous and various adverse effects of corticosteroids astonished me.
Neverthless, why are the drugs so widespread?

Corticoteroids are, as it were, "miracle drugs".
They extinguish symptoms.
They force disorders to go out.

Who likes such drugs? Who needs such drugs?
Doctors do. Patiets do.

They say the diseases of unknown origin have no curative remedies, so some alleviative ones are needed.
That seems reasonable. But may be an excuse?

Doctors must heal patients to keep up their appearances.
Patients just want to get away from sufferings.

Why do we have diseases?
Do they contain some suggesion?
Are they some messages for us?
Or are they only some inebitable harm?

It's certain that agonies are not desirable. Diseases aren't, either.
But every outcome should have it's cause, nevertheless unknown to us.
Even if the drug can rub off outcomes, causes will remain.

Don't rely on "miracle" drugs.
Don't count on a "skilled" doctor.
A doctor is not a magician.

Drugs are forces from outward, which may induce some another undesirable outcomes in human bodies.
Doctors who prescribe drugs and patients who take them should be aware of and ready for that.

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