What's Your Direction?

. People get ill.
All humans are mortal.
Any rich man or healthy woman can never avoid to die.
Just because nothing longs eternally.

Doctors treat lives.
That's their callings keeping patients' bodies well,
Less ill, minimum pain and comfortably,
Maintaining the functions.

Why should doctors do so?
Because that's their jobs.
Because lives are precious.

The marvelousness of lives does not limit within their beautiful physicality.
Any lives leave somethings they did while they are alive.
So, helping lives is supporting lives.
How responsible is it !

Like a tailor makes a suit fitting perfectly for each man,
Doctors treat patients not only due to their medical symptoms,
But also from their personal and social necessities.
Those are called tailor-made medical treatments.

As I have experienced lots of cases as a physician,
And as civilized society have enabled enhanced choices,
I feel the needs adapting medical treatments to each patient is increasing.
The suits should be just for the person.

Everyone suffers in various situations.
Such as sick but no proper caregiver,
Complicated human relations within the family,
Conflicting beliefs again the treatments,
And so on...

Surely, a choice from options is a choice of your life.
So, it' s common it requires certain time to reach a direction.
Still, we can only do seeking some possible better one.

Nevertheless, diseases bring lots of immediate sufferings.
Anybody wants to escape from them at once.
Once when he/she realizes a quick solution is impossible,
Violent rages spout out from the heart, saying,
Why such a terrible experience for me !

Anger is a essential step for accepting death.
Kubler-Ross analyzed so.
Accepting diseases would be the same way.
Grave diseases perplex and upset people;
A quite humane course of sensations.

Many diseases may be treatable in some forms, though.
After the necessary anger step, some hopes for the future may arise.
Patients stand up from the despair again and have to step forward.

In old days, only doctors occupied all medical knowledges.
Patients could only entrusts their physicians entirely.
And physicians would rush straight a single way they believed.
Things went so in good old days with less diversities.
But the past fantasy was already lost.

Current physicians are demanded to think over diverse possible ways,
So as to integrate them fitting along individual patients.
Then, patients also should have the skill to ascertain their possible courses.
Don't be fancy, accept the facts.

Since we cannot be in eternal health,
There exists "difficult to cure" areas between "curable" and "incurable" ones.
Doctors works among those areas.
Struggling everyday to narrow the extent of "difficult to cure".

My hope is to work with those difficult patients
Who do not sparing steady efforts
To achieve the same dream of their happy health.

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