Live in the Darkness

A disease resembles a deep complete darkness,
into which sick ones fell, without noticing when or why.
I see it like the dead peoples' world in "Earthsea" of Le Guin,
they are separated from healthy ones by a strong rock wall.

The darkness of diseases steal away times, powers,
and beautiful bodies they could have.
Moreover, it disables them from working fully
and enjoying their lives.

One of sick people, me, also live in the darkness,
getting better sight even in it.
A life is so strong that can survive in such a place.
The darkness constructs my mind tough.
I realize the preciseness of our minds and bodies,
with wonder, respect and trust.

The world of light must be beautiful,
but everyone can not always live in there.
We should live differently whether in lightness or darkness.
Someday the rock wall'll disappear and enable us to go everywhere.

I won't regret my lost days.
I won't be attached to my another possible life.
This is the life surely given to me.

Thanks to the destiny that my disease is not fatal.
So I can dream my future.

I never say "The disease was good for me".
Nevertheless, the darkness presented me its original tastes.
Go out into the lightness protected by the weapon of darkness.


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