Crystal* Heart

May a disease accompany some characteristic mental tendency?
If everybody has his/her own weak points in his/her body, it may be natural that he/she also has his/her own mental weak points in him/her.

Unfortunately, metal tendencies of AD patients are often thought to be rather bad.
They say like "they are weak in stress managing", "they are pampering themselves", "willful", "warped", "they won't listen to reason",... and so on.
I disagree.

In chinese medicine, the principle of five elements contact organs to emotions.
Metal element is for lung organ and the emotion of sadness.
Wood is for liver and anger, fire is for heart and joy, water is for kidney and fear and earth is for spleen and pensiveness.

Skin is classified into metal element (lung meridian).
I think which means "people who bear sadness are apt to harm their lung meridian."
In other words, "people who have weak lung meridian are people who are liable to hold sadness when some events happen to them."

Many AD patients I actually know are thoughtful, kind ones.
People who tend to hold sadness more than anger, joy, fear and pensiveness would be ones who accept happenings as their sadness.
I understand such people are naturally kind.

I wonder many AD patients have mentally been injured by sadness.
I wonder they live with fragile minds which are susceptible to be injured by sadness.

I see crystal hearts transparently shining like tear drops in AD patients.
They are beautiful even if they are weak or warped.
I love them so much.


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