Going along with our Constitutions

. I have survived from my extremely severe Atopic Dermatitis(AD),
which was like full body thick lichenifications meaning chronic eczema, accompanied by red skin all over only except the head, face, palms and sole, called an erythroderma.
Since then, I live a normal quality of life by taking care of myself, avoiding unfit things for me and the allergy eliminating technique by Devi S. Nambudripad, named NAET.

But I suppose lots of people still suffer from severe aliments like AD.

Inevitably as the technology advances, newer merchandise come one after another.
Like splashing cleaning materials saying to gwash uph room air, or large fabrics without taking off and using a washing machine.
Therefs also numerous aromatic detergents instead of strong perfume to cover over daily smells.

They all intend to make our lives easier and more comfortable,
although, everyone has his/her own sense.
I donft want to be forced those things what manufacturer thinks good.

As to speak, joining into a train, bus, taxi or any other public traffic spaces are really like a gamble today.
What person will sit the very next seat to me?
Of course people have their original smell, thatfs okey.
But smells from those added values are often unacceptable.
I shout in my mind, gOh, no, I cannot bear this artificial smell. Donft come with them among others.h
Even sanitary napkins are sold with aroma today!
I feel relieved indeed that I have already reached the age of no need to choose and use them; so ironic, isnft it ?

Once when I was in the middle of struggle with my thick eczematous skin all over, several friends worried me and advised me to use topical corticosteroids as a steady standard treatment.
gI donft know well about AD, but if symptoms are controllable for life by continuous applying of corticosteroids, it will be okey, wonft it?h
No, I didnft think topical steroids could control my AD symptoms for life, so, I chose not to use them.

Now I work most days of week as an alternative therapist performing NAET and chiropractic, however, when I work as a regular dermatologist the rest days of a week, I cannot help my AD patients with miraculous bullets other than corticosteroids.
The best contribution I can for them would bec to educate them how to live easier.
All of them have long-accumulated symptoms due to their deep constitutions, so often my advise would not be enough to reverse their Othello.
I feel sad about my powerlessness, but this is the fact.

Newer AD medications, more-targeting immunosuppressive medicines, i.e., dupilumab and nemolizumab, are up-coming.
Both are monoclonal antibodies to inhibit interleukin(IL)-4/13, IL-31, respectively.
IL-4/13 involves Th2 type immune responses and barrier functions of the skin, and IL-31 involves severe itches in AD, so both ILs are very important points to suppress AD symptoms.
Although these are surely revolutionary therapies in AD,
can they control AD symptoms for life, this time?
Whether they can or not, we should not forget that they still are only within suppressive symptomatic therapies, not causative ones.

Adverse effects may be less than the earlier immunosuppressants, but there will be some.
The artificial manipulations will make some discord in human bodies, probably leading to another problem breaking out in another part.

When the cause of a human disease is an external microbe, we can end the disease by excluding the enemy.
If a small cancer originated from your body cell, an early complete excision of the ailment will be possible without any disabling.
But an allergic constitution is inseparable from you.
For solving such issues, aggressive measures often end in vain.

To utilize you as you are, diverse and comprehensive approach will be needed.
With wider visions, we should step forward for better ourselves.

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