Finally, I became to be able to go to sleep without a lengthy scratching period.
It has been a long, long custom for me to scratch a lot all over my body every night because of the intolerably lasting itch.
Now severe itch has markedly lessened.

It is so amazing, isn’t it?
I could never dreamed of such happy nights.
I am really convinced again that those scratchings acts should be inevitable due to severe atopic itches, which is not like an escape behavior from mental stresses as many dermatologists claim.
What a sinful disease Atopic Dermatitis(AD) is! It forces us to hurt ourselves leading to a disgraceful appearance.

My hard days to manage the severe allergic skin disorder, which respond to plenty of substances around and within my body, by not relying on any powerful medicines like corticosteroids, tacrolimus ointments, or other immunosuppressive medicines including cyclosporin(Neoral), dupilumab(Dupixent) etc… are getting rewarded.

As I take no tablets to control itches, I have no worry of flaring up itches while the drugs are off.
And as I apply no anti-inflammatory ointment, I am free from any local and systemic adverse effects of long-term corticosteroids usage, such as skin atrophy, tachyphylaxis or red burning skin syndrome.
Now my skin looks quite normal in the neck, breast, shin and so on, in addition to the face which keeps a very good condition for a long time. So, even wearing decollete cloth never embarrass me now.
I feel certain sensitivity in my skin, but objectively, it lacks most of its scales, redness, pigmentation, hardness roughness and thickness. A younger mellow skin is here.

If I could show this good-looking to my deceased mother!
She would have cried with joy then. But I was not in time.
I talk to my mother through her grave.
..Mom, I owe you so much favor, since I got very sick with severe atopic skin just like an elephant.
Great thanks to your nursing, now I have been relieved and can live steadily..

And also finally, the essential hourly rest immediately after bathing is now not the must, probably because my skin barrier has recovered and/or systemic allergic reactions have been reduced.
Previously, my washed skin was too naked, ached so much, felt unstable and could not control the body temperature properly, making my body sink heavily in bed. But now, I am released from all those symptoms.
Bathing is not my indispensable morning chore any more. I can use my time more flexibly.

But I am I, with a deep allergic constitution.
Sometimes a few wheals or eczemas pop up during days or nights.
However, they seems gradually reducing, including obstinate itches and wheals at the under buttocks in the midnights.
Although my palms and fingers have tiny vesicles repeatedly, I can do my housekeeping work such as cleaning or washing.
Cooking makes my hands remarkably itchy. So usually I avoid cooking, but I can do it occasionally.
I am a woman. And most of the time, an women is supposed to perform daily cooking, even though she is a busy businesswoman.
I don’t like such stereotype thinking, but anyway, eating good foods is definitely important for my and my family’s health.
Now I regained the ability to cook, so I think I should utilize it little by little.

Palm vesicles show up especially at right hand; the finger pad of the 3rd finger, the entire fifth finger and a left-upper quarter of the palm; indicating an intense involvement of PC mouse.
Constant touching with the mouse may evoke more sweats.
Sweats may contain different kind of allergenic factors including ingested minerals, metabolized residues and environmental toxins got by penetrations through our nose, mouse and skins.
Such body extracts can stimulate our immune systems, causing various reactions and sometimes end in an allergic dermatitis.
Dermatologically, we call it dyshidrotic eczema.
But I can accept the discomfort because I think it happens when my body can excrete unnecessary substances properly.
As long as the symptoms are mild, I can keep my composure.

Other systemic symptoms have diminished, too.
My autonomic nervous system works well every day without any trouble.
The intestines are somewhat sensitive, as it were, but every day I see one or more moderate evacuation.
The intense tachyuria, once I had, has also relieved into a normal range as a middle-aged woman.
I seldom catch a cold, only once in 1 to 3 years, nor stay away from flu for over 15 years, even though I do not receive any flu vaccines.
I still like sweat foods… but I try to have more temperance not to eat them too much.
Now neither dairies nor wheats exacerbate my AD; I can eat anything including eggs, meats, fishes and vegetables.

Speaking about foods, I found an interesting change in my body response.
When I drink coffee, it became noticeably make me difficult to sleep.
In old days of my twenties, I could fall asleep at once even after I drank several cups of coffee late at night, talking with my colleagues.
But recently, if I take even a cup of coffee after 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon, and even if I completely forgot it, I have to stay awake until 2:00 or 3:00 A.M..
As for a tea, not such a problem. Because it contain less caffeine? or because of some another factor within coffee?
There was a shocking news someone overtook caffeine everyday to keep awake and active night and day, including caffeine tablets and energy drinks and died from caffeine poisoning.
Even though provided as one of our common daily food, caffeine is originally a medicine which excites nerve fivers and contracts parts of blood vessels.
This awakening effect definitely come from its own pharmacological function.
I don’t know why it was revealed now, I wonder because my body has been normalized to a more primary stage.
Anyway, we should be careful of abusing.

My severest atopic dermatitis has recovered after a quarter decade.
Now I am happy especially because I can work ordinarily every day.
Someone said, we should know ten to teach others two from the ten.
If I have ten capabilities as a dermatologist, I will barely be able to give two benefits to my patients.
To grow the two bigger, I must go ahead day by day.

Modern medicine also continues to progress.
A new agent for atopic dermatitis; Dupilumab, is now available in Japan, too.
It has shown a striking results in several severest patients, by regulating interleukin 4 and 13.
But reports of adverse affects like microbial infections have also been increasing.
Even though what a tremendous medicine will be developed, there always be its own limit.
I still believe the validity to search another direction, Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques(NAET).

2018.10.・・25 years have passed since the aggravation.

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