I wrote this at 2007.08.25  

I intend to refer this issue again though it will not be welcomed in Japan.

Asasyoryu in trouble appeared in public after he being confined for 3 weeks.
Everyday's news criticize him again.
For example, some phychiatrist says that although Asasyoryu's mind is said to be in estrangement disturbance, his face does not look like so and he might again feign another illness.

It's not mysterious that people always have nature to make a racket on a scandal.
But I feel it strange that there is a mood in Japan as if no one is permitted to stand by him.

I think it's obious his heart was heavily injured by all these criticism in Japan.
I see his face is expressing his hurted mind. It's enough, isn't it?
Names of illness men gave never be essentials, only a means to classify.

The Japan sumo association probably expected that Asasyoryu would accept their punishment obidiently, reflect that he was bad and apologize.
But his response was beyond their expectation.

Japanese tend to put prior importance to harmonize the mass even they repress individuals.
But as Asasyoryu is not a Japanese, he wouldn't think things in such way.
He is an adult who can think and judge by himself. He wouldn't do what he don't consent.
I think the sumo association is unable to understand that.

I heard Asasyoryu complained to his adviser Kazuko Hosoki, a fortune-teller, saying,
"I just went to see the game out of charity."
"I kicked a ball to entertain audiences for only about ten minites."
I guess he was unable to understand why he was blamed so hard. He might still be.

I'm afraid this case might be oberviewed as;
"What Japanese think sensible is what world people think absurd."

There has been various negative views about him.

One example is, "He go back home without asking Oyakata's permission."
(Oyakata is the coach and the owner of the rikishis' team living in one house together.)
But I think the rule a full-fledged rikishi must tell his private schedule to his coach itself is wrong. It's old-fashioned.

Another one is, "He took prize money(which the winner rikishi is handed) by his left hand while the custum requires to use right hand."
But why do the authorities not tell him clearly to obey the custum, before they blame him indirectly?
I think he did it not because he was incompliant, but he just didn't know it or think it important.

More is, "He practiced violently which badly hurt another rikishi."
I think he wouldn't intend to hurt him.
Can't we overlook him to have gone a little too far because of his young and flourishing blood?

It seems all these episodes are not serious in my opinion.

This case is similar.
He just run and kick a ball in public for a moment while his day off from the body injuries.

Please guess how did the audiences feel who saw him playing soccer.
Did they think, "Yes, he is in complete health and is sure to have feigned injury to take this unjust vacation."?
I guess they thought, "Yes we know he is back in Mongol now to rest his body because he was injured, but today we are happy to be here because we could see our hero playing some sport!"

Japanese think in general as
"It is Asasyoryu who is wrong. The situation has been confused because he did not correct his wrong bearings."

But does Mongolians think in the same way? - I guess they won't.
And how people of other countries in the world think?
I'm afraid this opinion of Japanese is not understandable for them and Japanese are just thought to be oddly narrow-minded.

My concern goes about the faxed letter Mongolian goverment send us immediately to explain and apologize the situation Asasyoryu played soccer.
Did the Japanese sumo society reply to it officially?
Japanese media never inform us about it.

Does it mean Japanese don't have necessary concerns about our situation in the world, seeing things just nationwide outlook?
I think it's not good.

As Japanese require Asasyoryu to act sensibly as Yokozuna, of course Japan is required to act sensibly as a member of the world as well.
Even if Asasyoryu is an inner member on Japanese sumo society, he is also an Mongolian and a public person.
Japan should present some definite official explanation to Mongol.

I hope the mental damage Asasyoryu got was not so big as he can recover from it.
But I felt I grasped some other his inner movement when I saw his face in TV, which was not pointed by medias or commentators.

I didn't think he was insane, too.
I felt his face appeared his discontent over the the evalations he got as well as his torment in his right mind.
I'm afraid that a certain rage to these absurd treatments, a despair that no one does not admit his rightness and a strong sense of distrust to Japanese may have been born and swirling about in his mind.

If Japanese treat Asasyoryu cruelly, Japanese will be treated by Asasyoryu the same, won't they?
My worry is that the situation may be tracing an undesirable way irreversibly.

It will be the best for him to leave Japan now and rest in his home country.
It is desireble such situation seems to be about to realize.

However, when he leave Japan, I suppose he might not come back Japan soon or even won't be back permanently at last.
It will be sad for Japanese fan.
I wonder if the Oyakata forecast it and is persuading him to stay in Japan.

Asasyoryu looked so happy when he was kicking a soccer ball in Mongol.
A storm named an assault by Japanese, including the somo association, media and ordinary people, broke it.
Will we be able to see him smiling happily again?

Why people hurt each other like this?
I think such conflicts can be evitable if we see each other in a warmer way.
We cannot avoid natural disasters, but we should have abilities to avoid man-made ones.
I anticipate a better solution.